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Nov 24, 2020

Patrik Holopainen

🔥 Projects looking for co-founders

  • A platform helps you prototype ideas from academic papers (link)
  • Droppe | Medical supply load-balancing as a solution (link)
  • Unmanned food preparing system (link)
  • A platform to connect artists with businesses and display venues (link)
  • FinanceKey | Enabling Real-Time Cash Visibility (link)
  • Heideq | Sustainable equestrian wear for equestrian athletes (link)
  • The Finn choice for the mobile payments I Mobile Wallet (link)
  • Mobile-first platform for purchasing and discovering fine wines (link)
  • New generation family care monitor system (link)


👥 People open to joining a project

  • 11 new profiles (see all)
  • Top skills: Business Development, Software & Sales
  • Top fields: SaaS, Education, Health & Entertainment



📂 Resources to help you with starting up

👋 Other updates

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