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Kiuas Inside – update #


Dec 18, 2019

Aaro Isosaari

🔥 Projects looking for co-founders

  • Cleantech startup bringing plastic recycling to public spaces (link)
  • Predictive risk rating to growing markets (link)
  • Social Shopping (2.0) (link)
  • Helping young visual artists earn a decent living (link)
  • A Live Streaming Video Recruitment App (link)
  • Platform for distributed clinical trials (link)
  • GIS Webservice for architects (link)
  • Making it easy to get professional cleaning occasionally (link)
  • Blood sugar monitoring for non-diabetics (link)

👥 People open to joining a project

Top skills:

  • Product Development: 6
  • Software Development: 4
  • Design: 3
  • Marketing: 3

📂 Resources to help you with starting up

  • Best fundraising & legal tools for startups (link)
  • Free Online Course on Startup Entrepreneurship (link)

👋 Other updates

  • A couple of weeks back at Slush, we launched a new initiative called Starting Up – an online course covering the fundamentals of startup entrepreneurship. The course contains 200+ pages of practical advice from top Nordic entrepreneurs and is supported by 25 global supporters including Nokia, Microsoft, Northzone, and UC Berkeley.
  • For us, 2019 has been a year of growth with more startups than ever and two new initiatives launched. Read about our year in our recent blog post!
  • Also: we implemented a bunch of new changes to the Kiuas main website to start the next year with a fresh look 😍 Check it out!

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