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May 14, 2020

Aaro Isosaari

🔥 Projects looking for co-founders

  • Location based social platform for cities, people and businesses (link)
  • Open-source HR assessments for recruitment (link)
  • Gamified platform economy to measure air quality of entire cities (link)
  • Enriching shopping via dynamic personal sales (link)
  • Learning app for high-school students (link)
  • Reducing the returns of items purchased online (link)
  • Transforming Cars into Advertisement Carriers (link)
  • Web App for Sailing Yacht Design and Performance Calculation (link)

👥 People open to joining a project

  • 5 new profiles (see all)
  • Top skills: Marketing, Software Development, Business Development, R&D
  • Top fields: Health, Education, Energy, SaaS

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