Intelligent fluid sensors, Recruitment apps and International music platforms

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Feb 18, 2021

Patrik Holopainen

🔥 Projects looking for co-founders

  • Intelligent fluid flow sensor for HVAC and water pipelines (link)
  • Scalable electricity storage (link)
  • We build tech to support circular business models in Fashion (link)
  • Real-time standby and rescue unit status for 112-service (link)
  • Interviewing app for recruiters (link)
  • Platform connecting holistic health coaches with companies (link)
  • Helping families stay in touch from a far (link)
  • European platform for online live music lessons (link)
  • Scalable ERP+CRM solution for the SMB's (link)
  • Particle emission reduction method for wood combustion (link)

👥 People open to joining a project

  • 14 new profiles (see all)
  • Top skills: Business dev, Product dev, R&D and Software development
  • Top fields of interest: SaaS, E-commerce, and education

📂 Resources to help you with starting up

  • Making sense of MVP (link)
  • The Pretotyping Manifesto (link)
  • Building Product (link)

👋 Other updates

Kiuas Start S21 applications are open! Read all about the program and why should you apply at

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