Classroom management, Unit test automation & Music demand forecasting

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Apr 15, 2021

Patrik Holopainen

🔥 Projects looking for co-founders

  • Scalable beauty webstore utilizing influencers in a new way (link)
  • High-end electric mountainboard for driving all-terrain (link)
  • Demand forecasting for the live music industry (link)
  • On-demand ("cold") cloud storage with low carbon footprint (link)
  • Storefront as a service for disrupting the retail space (link)
  • Supplementary STEM courses for schools (link)
  • Game application that teaches children mother tongue. (link)
  • No explanations. Only green accommodations. (link)
  • Effortless Unit tests generation. (link)
  • Building ShadowKitchens for delivery restaurants (link)
  • Classroom behavioral management tool (link)

👥 People open to joining a project

16 new profiles looking for startups to join:

  • Top skills include Business dev, Marketing & Sales
  • Most frequent fields of interest: SaaS, Software, and Education
  • If your project is in this space, now is the time to start messaging

📂 Resources to help you with starting up

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