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Global retail e-commerce sales is projected to total $3.45 trillion (2019), up 19% (2018) (Source: eMarketer). A whopping 95% of commerce transactions will happen online by 2040 (Source: NASDAQ). Consumer interest in technologies: show whether a product is in stock (55%), compare prices or read reviews (49%)...

We still have clumsy process of collaborating, sharing and recommending during online shopping. We share links from webstore va whatsapp or messenger, and ask for opinions. We have to open each webstore separately to see our wishlists. I want to change this with Social Shopping 2.0.

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I am working to polish the ideation process, and have detailed ideas for api, app and am working on a prototype. I want to team up with a full-stack (nodejs/react/vue/typescript or django/react/...) developer, with some professional experience who can handle frontend and some backend development. He/she should have implemented a backend and an app/website completely. Flexible on the tech used.
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