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Reporting issues by scanning QR-codes

Max Westerback

Problem: There's a problem we can't solve by ourselves so you have to call and notify someone, but most people don't call. Probably because they don't want to talk over the phone, they don't know who to call or they just don't know their number. Solution: Creating qr codes for our customers which they can place upon a device. When a user has a problem with the device they can then scan it and get redirected to a unique webpage where they can troubleshoot or just send a message that something is wrong to the one who is responsible by pressing one button. Stage: Internal prototype

Looking for

Currently we are two developers, one responsible for frontend/design and other for backend, and we're in need of someone with experience in sales/marketing/general business guy. One of us isn't fluent in Finnish so you need to be able to communicate fluently in English or Swedish. Location isn't very important
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