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Media Relationship Management (MRM) for marketers and PRs

Juhani Polkko

To build a global brand, either consumer or B2B, every company needs to build a reputation and credibility through media - which today is a combination of commercial news, influencers and social media. Getting your story heard by the key stakeholders in the media is a complicated, long-term process, that requires building personal relationships with people who are constantly swamped with information. We are building a product in a new software category called Media Relationship Management (MRM), which combines critical elements from CRM, content management, and messaging.

Looking for

We are looking for a co-founder and CTO for the company, who is willing to commit the next 5 years to build the new company from the scratch. An ideal co-founder is a savvy full-stack developer, with superb mathematical and logical problem-solving skills. The tool is built on the Google Cloud and G Suite ecosystem, which most forward-thinking companies choose instead of Microsoft tools.
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