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DayPaint is an app that helps people in tracking, managing, and improving their busy lives. It answers two key questions: Where does my time go? What should I do now? The app tracks personal time use across all meaningful activities, including, e.g., sleep, work, exercise, hobbies, and socializing with family and friends. It utilizes machine learning and sensor data from the mobile device, as well as data from other tracking devices, to automate the time measurement and categorization. I have a working prototype of the app that can be used for demos and with beta users.

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I'm a solo founder at the moment, looking for passionate people to join the ride! So far, I've done all the coding work myself, but would be happy to welcome a CTO to take over the technology stack and organization. In addition to relevant tech skills, a genuine interest and passion for self-tracking/improvement, analytics/AI, time management, and good life are considered a big plus. Let's talk!
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